Egerie, l'histoire de notre création

Egerie, the story of our creation

Egerie is above all a family story.

Created 13 years ago, in 2009, it was David, the brand's founder, who embarked on this adventure. "I came from the trade, it was logical for me to continue on this path and launch my own brand". The adventure began in a small workshop in the center of Paris.

Behind Égérie, David's wish was to specialize in a product "that everyone is looking for". Then came the idea of ​​creating dresses and jumpsuits for all women, whatever their morphology, from the most discreet to the most eccentric but above all with a wide choice of sizes and cuts. Printed fabrics have gradually become the brand's signature, offering each collection unique and characteristic models.

When the brand was created, David says he worked alone, supported by model makers but designed his own models. The inspiration came to him from the fashion shows, from the looks of the Parisian women he observed in the street, with the aim of offering trendy dresses adapted to the daily life of today's women.

He quickly surrounded himself with Malika, Egerie's stylist, who joined the house 11 years ago. A stylist by trade, she first went through the biggest French fashion houses before joining the Egerie house and realizing her dream of designing her own models. With a nice pencil stroke and a lot of inspiration, she is the one who imagined all our creations, with this desire to dress every woman, whatever her age, her morphology and her style.

The dresses we offer highlight all the bodies, we attach paramount importance to cuts and details, before declining our models in unique and colorful patterns.

Most of our dresses are in knit, a stretchy fabric that allows greater comfort but also enhances all silhouettes.

And what about manufacturing? We have remained in the heart of Paris, and now occupy a more spacious workshop. Our models are always imagined on site, and most of the production is done at our address at 12 rue du Caire.

The Egerie adventure continues today and we are committed to offering modern, timeless models, dresses that will follow every woman in their daily life and adapt to all occasions.

We are very attached to our fundamental values, those of French and even Parisian manufacturing, of teamwork in a family atmosphere where everyone is important.

If you enjoyed discovering our brand through these lines, we announce that you will be able to find an article on this blog every month. From the manufacturing stages to the history of our fabrics, we open the doors of our brand to you with ever greater transparency and sincerity.

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